The resulting pictures they produce are always fun, sometimes hilarious and very often priceless. But the pictures are only part of the story. Photo booths, especially at a wedding reception, are so much fun! The entertainment factor alone is a big part of their appeal. A wedding reception with a photo booth is usually a very memorable experience in and of itself.

All guests receive souvenir pictures plus newlyweds receive a Scrapbook Keepsake filled with lasting memories of their wedding and guests. At your option, photographs can be displayed in our protected website Gallery where guests can enjoy and if they wish, purchase their favorite photos and picture gifts of your event.

Your guests receive unlimited use of the photo booth and unlimited photo sessions during the rental period. Our on-site attendant will help your guests customize your memory book and keep things running smoothly. We can customize/brand the photo-strips with a logo, date, event name etc. for you at no additional cost.
Every time somone enters the booth for a session, they get to pose for 3 photo shots! The photo booth prints 2 identical sets of 3 picture photo-strips - One for the creation of your Memory Scrapbook Keepsake and one for your guest. We favor the 3 picture photo-strip instead of the traditional 4 because it allows for a much "larger" print although 4 picture photo-strips are available upon request.

For additional fun, our Prop-Box can be added to your event. Guests will have a blast when they close the curtain behind them and let the funny faces begin !!!
Capturing Smiles- One Party at a Time...
Shutter Clutter- A photo booth rental business serving the Ohio's Greater Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati areas. We provide our customers with a quality product and great service. Most of our services are all inclusive - at one affordable price, sure to beat the competition.

Photo booths at weddings, parties and corporate events are growing in popularity and becoming the latest event trend. All you have to do is attend an event with a photo booth and you will understand why they have become so popular.
Put us on the guest list for your next event and you'll never forget the FUN!
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